Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision: Every North East Voice Heard. 

Our Mission: We are experts in involvement. We work with integrity, ensuring people’s voices influence the design of services they receive.

Our Values:

  • Equality of voice – We strive to provide all people with a voice regardless of background or circumstances of the individual.
  • Fairness – In carrying out our work and in employment of staff, we will make decisions on merit, ensuring objectivity.
  • Honesty – We will not knowingly say things that are false. We will never deliberately mislead. We will be as candid as possible, openly and freely sharing information, as appropriate to the relationship.
  • Intergrity – We report transparently on the results of our research and do not seek to advocate for any particular group. Our integrity and neutrality are core to who we are.
  • Respect – We respect ourselves and others and the voices of those that we are representing. We accept and value everyone’s contribution.
  • Leadership – We will promote and support these principles by leadership and example.